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Thoughtful Finds going live!

Ever been told you’re not romantic enough?

Maybe you’ve heard this before:

We won’t buy for each other this year.

Don’t worry about getting me a present…just something small…as long as it’s thoughtful I don’t mind.


In the past it has probably driven you mad. You’ve frantically searched for ideas on things you could do or buy and it has always been fruitless. Well sometimes all you need is a helping hand and that’s what Thoughtful Finds are for!

Here at Thoughtful Finds we commit ourselves to making men’s lives easier. We provide a unique and bespoke gift service to allow men to treat the special person in their lives to an array of thoughtful surprises. When asked for a ‘thoughtful gift’ or criticised for not being romantic enough…men must fear no more for Thoughtful Finds are here!